Pokemon Burning Shadows - Machamp GX 64/147

Pokemon Burning Shadows - Machamp GX 64/147

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Card Condition: Pack Fresh

Condition Guide:

Pack Fresh: Straight out of the pack and sleeved. Sometimes there are very minor problems with cards out of a pack but are Minty fresh nonetheless.

NM - Near Mint: Pack fresh but could have very minor flaws

LP - Light Play: May have small blemishes, corner wear, whitening, light scratching on foil

MP - Moderate Play: edge wear, corner wear, whitening, light creases, scratching on foil

HP - Heavy Play: Pretty rough. Has more damage than MP.

D - Damaged: Tear, heavy creases, water damage, usually reserved for valuable cards that still have collectibility in bad condition.

Graded: See photos for professionally graded cards.

Card in photos is the one you will receive unless the listing has multiple quantity.

Cards are professionally shipped with tracking.